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Introducing Paper Cutterz

We know how hard it can be to cut wrapping paper. It's a struggle to get the right angle, and then you end up with a sloppy edge that doesn't look quite right. That's where our Paper Cutterz comes in!

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Wrapping Paper Cutter
Wrapping Paper Cutter
Wrapping Paper Cutter
Wrapping Paper Cutter
Wrapping Paper Cutter
Wrapping Paper Cutter
Wrapping Paper Cutter
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  • The outdated way of cutting the wrapping paper never works, because the slice is jagged, torn, or crooked? This is frustating!                                                         
  • Now use our wrapping paper cutter, to cut wrapping paper the easy way
  • It is flexible, so it can be used on any roll of size paper.
  • Its blade angle is perfect, its safety features and simplicity.
  • It is an effective tool to cut wrapping paper and save time.

How to Use?

  • This is how it works step by step.
  • 1. Slip wrap paper cutter over wrapping paper. Remember that the device is flexible, so it can be used on any size paper roll.
  • 2. Pull a sheet of paper through the largest slot in the device.
  • 3 Once the paper sheet is the desired length, sliding wrap paper cutter to the end of the roll that allows the paper to fall into the slot where the sheet is integrated?
  • 4. Now gently push the paper cutter to cut the paper cleanly.

Package includes:

  • 1 wrapping paper cutter

Gift Wrapping Made Fun And Easy!

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How It Works Step By Step

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Make Your Job Easy

Spend your time on the gift, not the wrapping paper. With the Paper Cutterz, no more measuring trimming down the paper. No wasted paper, no wasted money and a happy present is a happy you!

Worry Free Cutting

No more worrying about cutting with scissors. Thanks to its enclosed blade, The paper cutterz is a much safer alternative to scissors. So you can go ahead and let your kids wrap some of those presents! And stress free. A win win!

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Before & After

Before you'd have to grab your scissors. Lay the paper down. Slowly slowly align the paper and start cutting oops messed up! Throw it away. Grab some more paper. Oh almost perfect. But still messy. I need some paper. You not only waste paper but time as well. Compared to the Paper Cutterz. Just one cut and your done.

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